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Adding chlorine tablets to an aerobic system.

No need to pay someone to come out and do this for you!

Adding a gate to an existing chain link fence!

Super easy! You can do this in less than an hour.

How to build a retaining wall yourself!

Check out our video below to see how we went about DIYing a retaining wall!

How we built a rabbit run out of scrap materials!

How to easily spread barn lime!

No need to throw it around or scoop it with a shovel!

How to change the blades on a riding mower!

This is super easy. Anyone can do it! Please check out my YouTube tutorial. Subscribe to the page if you’d like to see all our latest content!

How to build a chicken coop in under 3 hours!

Chickens are an easy first step to your own homestead. Chickens can give you eggs or meat and require very little maintenance, as long as you can keep them alive. Our First Coop Our first venture into chicken ownership, we Read more…

Pig House for under $30

My husband decided one day that he wanted a pot belly pig for his birthday. Not just any pot belly pig, but an already grown 150 lb pot belly pig. That meant that he not only gets this massive, but Read more…

How I became a beekeeper

Amateur beekeeping really can be for anyone. Learn quick tips and valuable advice! Hi! I am Rachel Bevan and I am a beekeeper. When I tell most people, they can’t believe it and usually take one of three approaches. They Read more…