DIY giant Jenga game

With all of this downtime, I’ve spent a lot of time in my yard. I’ve been dreaming about all sorts of things I want to do/make/build/etc., to make it just the way I want it.

A few weeks ago, I made a ring toss (tiki toss) game. My girls love it. It got me thinking about what other games could be fun to have out on our back porch and giant Jenga was an obvious choice.

It’s a pretty simple project and only requires a few materials.

For the DIY giant Jenga game I needed the following:

  • Seven 2x4x8 boards. Cut nine 10 1/2 pieces out of six of them, for a total of 54 pieces. The last 2×4 will be used later.
  • One 18×18 sheet of plywood. If you can’t find this size, you may have to cut down a larger sheet. This is used as a base for the game to sit on.
  • One box of 2 1/2 in wood/deck screws.
  • Table saw/miter saw/circular saw. You just need a way to cut the boards.
  • Sandpaper for sanding down the wood once you cut it. Sanding down the 54 pieces also makes them a little easier to slide while you’re playing the game.

In total, this project cost us just under $40 from Home Depot

Steps to build your giant Jenga game

First, I laid out all of my materials to make sure that I had everything that I needed. There is nothing I hate more than to be almost done with a project and be missing one thing.

Next, I built the base for my Jenga game to rest on. This is basically just an open box. I used one 2×4 that I cut out two pieces 18” long and two approximately 15” long. Then, I secured them to the 18×18 plywood piece with some screws and I was done!

The next step was to cut all of the 6 remaining 2x4s into nine 10 1/2 pieces for a total of 54 pieces. After everything was cut, thankfully with an electric saw, I sanded them all down. You can definitely sand things by hand, but an electric sander will help this process be quicker.

This project took me about 3 hours to complete, but I was multi-tasking. All-in-all, a pretty enjoyable task.

Let leave us a comment below if you like this project or have any questions.

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