COVID-19 Quarantine Life

The last two weeks we have been busy building a chicken run, removing invasive bamboo (that spread like wildfire), putting down sod and building a fence, all while homeschooling and trying not to go crazy!!

Oh my . . . March 2020 has been crazy so far and, unfortunately, it doesn’t look like April will be getting much better. We have been trying to stay busy but the noise level is getting a little ridiculous inside our house, thanks to our two noisemakers . . . I mean daughters. We know that you have had some crazy times yourself and we are so blessed that my husband and I can work from home.

New Life Goals

We have decided that we need to take this time as a family to bond together more (harder than it sounds), cross things off of our handyman list (going well), try out homeschooling (going well), and get back to the basics so to say with baking, cleaning, etc. (easier than it sounds!).

We hope that through this blog we can connect to others making the struggle through parenting, living in this crazy time and those trying to make their homes more like a homestead. We are still trying to change our mindsets in some ways, like how we don’t need to buy some things and how we can save money by “going back to our roots,” both figuratively and literally.

We have tried gardening, sometimes with huge successes and other times with withering failure. Hopefully, you can learn from our mistakes and figure out how to do things right the first time.

The isolation feels like the last few weeks of pregnancy. You keep thinking, this will never end and then after a lot of pain (or meds) you get something wonderful.

We hope that this time can help many families and communities realize how to appreciate others and value the things we have. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be terrible growing pains and a lot of stress, sadness, anger, and more, but in the end we hope that we will be left with a changed world. One that is more focused on preserving life, valuing hard work from professions that may have been previously overlooked and trying to better ourselves and each other.

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