Category: DIY

Adding chlorine tablets to an aerobic system.

No need to pay someone to come out and do this for you!

Upgrade your ceiling canister lights to flush mount LEDs!

Super easy! Watch our video below!

How we built a rabbit run out of scrap materials!

How to install a pleated window arch!

This is a super fast, easy and cheap way to lower the temperate in a room and update the look of your window. Check out our video below showing exactly how we did it!

How to easily spread barn lime!

No need to throw it around or scoop it with a shovel!

How to fix a wine fridge that no longer cools!

Don’t throw it away. This can be fixed in less than 30 minutes! A few months ago, we were given a wine fridge that no longer cooled, but still had working fans inside. After doing a little research and troubleshooting Read more…

How to build a chicken coop in under 3 hours!

Chickens are an easy first step to your own homestead. Chickens can give you eggs or meat and require very little maintenance, as long as you can keep them alive. Our First Coop Our first venture into chicken ownership, we Read more…

Pig House for under $30

My husband decided one day that he wanted a pot belly pig for his birthday. Not just any pot belly pig, but an already grown 150 lb pot belly pig. That meant that he not only gets this massive, but Read more…

Pine Cone Fire Starters

I don’t know about you, but when I look into my front or back yard there are A LOT of pine cones. I pick them up all up and then the next day new ones have fallen. I guess that Read more…

DIY giant Jenga game

With all of this downtime, I’ve spent a lot of time in my yard. I’ve been dreaming about all sorts of things I want to do/make/build/etc., to make it just the way I want it. A few weeks ago, I Read more…