About Us!

Welcome to our blog! We’re Rachel and Tim. We’re married with two young daughters and live on the west side of the DFW Metroplex.

Our blog will have a variety of different topics, from beekeeping, DIY projects, cooking, cars, gardening and many more. We like to learn how to do things ourselves and are doing our best to be somewhat self-sufficient.

Tim’s Projects

As the only male in the household, I feel that it’s my duty to add a little excitement to things. By no means are my ladies boring. They’re quite the opposite, in fact. I just want to make sure they have experiences they otherwise may not have. Whether we’re riding around in a pink go kart, sitting by a campfire or playing any number of sports in the yard, it’s always a good time.

My girls have been begging me to make them a zip line, so that’s next on my “fun” to-do list, which is entirely separate from my “honey-do” list. I’ll do my best to document the process of installing it, as well as a list of needed items.

Besides the zip line, I plan on building some horseshoe pits (with cupholders), mounting a digital TV antenna to my shop, running electricity through my shop for outlets/lights, installing a french drain, building an outdoor bar and more!



Rachel’s Projects

As the rational one in the household, I have to try to encourage my dear husband enough, while occasionally curtailing the crazy.  I do, of course, have my own crazy side.  I am passionate about my gardening, cooking, beekeeping, essential oils and so much more.  As a high school math teacher, I have this tendency to plan things too much and not allow for enough spontaneity, that is where Tim comes in.

My next few projects will be baking a wide variety of breads and meals on a budget, growing a wide variety of plants, tending to bees, chickens and ducks and whatever else pops in my head.

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